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Mozart Rigel SHPK provides a unique formula for your successful business.
Dott. Sabatino Dionisio

Marketing on the Albanian territory

Mozart Rigel SHPK deals specifically with the marketing of
a whole series of products both in the “food” and “beverage” sectors as well as in the real estate investment sectors, always connected to the “core business”, such as catering, hotels, by night, etc.

Among other things, the company also acts as a point of reference for other entrepreneurs, even in different sectors, such as pure construction, in partnership in order to access tenders for the construction of both residential and commercial properties.


Why Us?


Albanian market

The Mozart Rigel SHPK company distinguishes itself from its competitors by the fact that it knows the marketю


Seizing opportunities

Albanian and above all is able to make the most of all the investment opportunities that lie ahead as it is connected to a series of professionals and local partners that allow it to access interesting development and investment opportunities.

About Us

Who we are

Mozart Rigel SHPK is a company founded in July of the year 2021 by the will of two professionals, in different sectors, who have framed investment opportunities in the Albanian territory as, in this historical moment, it is necessary to look for opportunities where they exist. and the Albanian market is one of those realities in which today it makes sense to invest.

Why do we do it?

Our “mission” is precisely given by the great possibilities that today are being presented in the Albanian territory and throughout the Balkan area, to ensure that, in the coming years, it will become one of the most popular and popular tourist resorts in southern Europe.

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